Meet: Yamashiro Grill


With the historical grounds of Yamashiro hosting a weekly Farmers Market – every Thursday evening – April through September, the pressure is on chef Brock Kleweno and his team at the “Yamashiro Grill” to produce a winning menu that both showcases the elevated cuisine coming out of Yamashiro’s kitchen, as well as offer visiting guests new and unique flavors to wrap their taste buds around. 
In 2013, returning Farmers Market guests have yet again inquired about previous years’ eats and instead of seeing tacos or sliders on the chalkboard menu, soon find out Kleweno has another trick up his chef’s coat sleeve.
“The strategy for the farmers market menu was always to have some fun with the food, be inventive, try new things, and bring menu items that would not typically be found on Yamashiro’s fine dining menu,” said Kleweno. “We want the food to be accessible and affordable so that more people can experience Yamashiro – it also allows the ownership and management the opportunity to interact with the community and customers in a more relaxed and informal environment that is not necessarily associated with dining at Yamashiro.”
The crowds that line up at the Yamashiro Grill have no complaints with this year’s Middle Eastern-meets-Asian pitas including Beef ‘Shawarma’ with Citrus Tahini, Merguez-Braised Lamb with Shiso Tatziki, Harissa Chile-Chicken with Roast Garlic Sauce, and Preserved Lemon Prawns with Celery-Mint Coulis. And if those tongue-seducing combinations aren’t enough to keep your mouth tantalized, then you can add one – or more – of the sides: edamame hummus, fig & olive salad, or pomegranate & quinoa tabbouleh. And THAT’S how you host a Farmers Market! 



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