About City Farm

City Farm accepts Cal Fresh EBT. CalFresh was established to improve the nutrition of people in low-income households.  It does that by increasing their food-buying power, so they are able to purchase the amount of food their household needs.  CalFresh benefits are used instead of money at the grocery store. Click on the following link for more info.

City Farm goal is to make locally farmed organic produce, and prepared foods more easily available to Southern Californian communities. Supporting local farmers encourages a healthier quality of life, as well as a more sustainable culture. At City Farm we strive to bring the farm to you. Where ever you work, live, or play, there’s always room to make sure that healthier, organic food is just a few steps away. If you are interested in bringing a farmers’ market to your neighborhood or business center please email us at the link below for more information.

City Farm was formed in 2008 by Nick Spano, founder, out of the desire to create events that encourage stronger communities, healthier lifestyles, and overall wellness. With farmers markets at Yamashiro, The Autry, Warner Bros Studios, SouthBay Pavilion and markets coming spring 2013 to Eagle Rock Plaza and Cal State University Long Beach, City Farm’s first mission is to build community around great food, while supporting local farmers and encouraging small business enterprise. Additionally, they aim to create events that offer entertainment that bring families and friends together, and support a positive engaged lifestyle.


Born and raised in Pasadena, Nick Spano, is the seventh of nine children. His family still remains in Pasadena where his father, Raymond Spano, served an active roll in the re-building and restoration of Old Pasadena over the past 30 years. Nick worked for thirteen years as an actor before turning his focus on other business ventures here in Los Angeles. Throughout his entertainment and professional career, Nick has always aimed to build the kind of strong community that he grew up in. Now a resident of the Hollywood area Nick has continued that mission through City Farm, with the Yamashiro Farmers Market, Autry Farmers Market, and Warner Brothers Farmers Market. Nick’s goal is to see people “making money doing good things,” and inspiring others to create the kind of communities they would want to live in.

Contact us: info@lacityfarm.com